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My name is David Haim and I guess you could say I started my journey to Judaism about 7 years. I am from Norway and after traveling the world I met my better half in Israel in 2013. She was also on her own journey towards Judaism and Hashem allowed us to meet and begin our lives together. We moved to Norway, got married in a civil marriage and lived as "frum goyim" for 2 years. Under the advice of a dayan in Bnei Brak, I quit my job, we sold everything and moved to London where we began an orthodox conversion process under the London Beth Din. 

After a year of living amongst the welcoming community of Golders Green and Hendon, we learned, observed and grew in order to be able to join Klal Yisrael. We just finished our conversion this January, the three of us - David, Sarah and Emunah. We also welcomed the birth of our second daughter, Binah, just after Pesach B'H.

Sadly, our journey has not been easy and we do not have the support of our families. We have struggled to make ends meet for a long time, and even basics such as food is sometimes lacking. We have also accumulated some debt which we are struggeling to repay (ie cost of learning, etc). Since we are closing to the chagim, we do not know how to cover the upcoming costs. 

I am currently learning in Yeshiva Yad HaLevi and for parnassa I work as a mashgiach for the London Beth Din. But this work is not enough to help us get on our feet.

So, we are appealing to you, our fellow yidden.

Please help us, and may you recive all brachot from Hashem for taking care of His own!

David Haim and Sarah Batshevah


$138 of $7,000 raised

raised by 5 people in 1 year

Created by

David Haim Froseth
August 2017

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In honor of The many geirim who are proud member of Klal Yisroel

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