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Some of us would be happy to have another year the same as this one. It went well for us and we appreciated the Brachos that it brought. But there are a good number of families whose lives need immediate improvement. They live in our neighborhood, daven in our shuls and speak to us daily; but they are very afraid of what this coming year will bring them. It is our responsibility to improve the conditions of their lives. We can strengthen them and give them a happier year this time around.
With an emphasis placed on the Givat Hamivtar neighborhood, Kupat Givat Hamivtar is dedicated to helping struggling families who want to get back on their feet. We offer career counseling, employment assistance and general rehabilitation in order to help our families regain their self-respect. 
The Kupah is the only organization which is singularly focused on Givat Hamivtar families. In order to maintain our services to the community, we are setting a goal of raising 100,000 NIS for our Rosh Hashanah campaign.
Those who donate generously will help us reach our goal faster and allow us to relieve the stress of poverty from numerous parents and children.
Thank you for your support, 
Kupat Givat HaMivtar

$44 of $25,000 raised

raised by 3 people in 1 year

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Kupat Givat Hamivtar
September 2017

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In honor of The Community of Ramat Eshkol/Givat HaMivtar
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